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Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9

Posted by Kailash Paliwal
Hello Friends Today I'm Posting Internet Explorer 9
Experience the fast, fluid browser that gives you more pixels for your favorite sites.

Are you ready for this? I just launched IE9, and it is visually stunning. No really. It’s kind of amazing.

I think I am starting to have trouble with Google Chrome and for the first time, I am finding IE a better browser

It's fast, no really!
No other browser has this!
Some sites are out to get you.
You want control of who's tracking you

Experience the web faster.
Your favorite sites are incredibly fast and fluid. In an industry leading speed test (Webkit's SunSpider), Internet Explorer ranks #1 in speed. As the first fully hardware-accelerated browser, it taps into the power of your PC to deliver website performance that may just blow you away. Skeptical? Then try it out for yourself by playing Cut the Rope.

Less browser, more web.
Now one click away.
We give you more screen space to see your favorite sites, more than any other browser. And you can pin sites directly to your Windows 7 Taskbar – you won't find this feature in any other browser. Facebook, Hulu, The New York Times and much more live on your Windows 7 Taskbar, giving you one click access and live updates from the sites you care about most.

Browse worry free.
Internet Explorer protects you from threats on the web today – more than any other browser. According to NSS Labs, an independent security reserach and testing organization, Internet Explorer blocks 2.5 times more malware than Chrome, making it the leading protection against socially engineered malware. And with SmartScreen Filter you are better protected against malicious downloads too.

Some browsers browse
the web. Some browse you.
Searching. Emailing. Watching that funny video – you shouldn't have to give up your privacy when browsing the web, and with Internet Explorer's Tracking Protection you don't have to!

Thanks To IE9

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