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Rajnikanth Aiyoo! | CuteTrick

Rajnikanth Aiyoo! | CuteTrick

Posted by Kailash Paliwal
Today while exploring Google i came across a very funny and innovative website named (all about rajnik). ( all about rajni ) a funny website works only when you switch off your internet

This website is a new launch. its all about Rajnikanth ,It has all the story , facts and jokes about Rajnikanth But the  most funny Part about this website is that it only works when you switch off your Internet connection/Modem .

Try it by visiting following link :-

its too funny try it..! !!
Note:- you must switch off your Modem to explore this website
And if you try to switch on your Internet/modem while browsing this website it shows a popup which says
" Aiyoo!
That was unexpected,
To keep browsing,
switch off your Internet. "

ROFL . :D :D :D 

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Kailash Paliwal