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Free Vodafone GPRS Trick - September 2013

Free Vodafone GPRS Trick - September 2013

Posted by Kailash Paliwal

My earlier post to get Airtel Free GPRS which is still working to get the free internet. Now we have this vodafone front query trick to get the free internet on mobile also.This Vodafone trick will work on Android and other phones. This is the exclusive Vodafone front query trick. This trick will give you around 250-
300Kbps speed of downloading.  I have mentioned the features of this Vodafone free gprs trick, just check it out before applying this trick. This trick works in most of the states, you can find the working state names at the bottom of this post.
Free Vodafone GPRS Trick - September 2013

Features of Vodafone Front Query trick:
This is the handler trick works in mobile using Handler
You can use this vodafone trick in PC also using VNAP proxy pro
No balance required – Works in zero balance
Unlimited downloading with resume supports
Works with big file downloading
High speed front query

How to configure Vodafone front query trick:
First of all you are required to install handlers in your mobile.
Download and install Opera Mini Handler in your mobile from below link.
After downloading the handler in your mobile now create the setting:
APN (Access Point Name): www or portalnmms
IP Address:
Port: 80
Now save this setting and make it as default.
Now open the handler.
First you will see handler screen, scroll down to Frontquery option and put the one of from below link. redirect/partner/vodafone/00a/http/
Apply this setting by click on save option and let the handler to be loaded.
Accept the terms and conditions and then you will see the main scree of handler.
You are done with this trick, now put the address in url bar and surf for free.
Now enjoy this Vodafone front query.

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Working state names for Vodafone front query trick:
UP East
UP West
Rajasthan and many more.


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Reviewed by KAILASH PALIWAL on Sep 2 2013
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