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How Can You Really Compress 1GB Into 1 MB

How Can You Really Compress 1GB Into 1 MB

Posted by Kailash Paliwal
This is extraordinarily really attention-grabbing issue I found on internet therefore I feel I even have to be compelled to share with you guys we'll save ton of memory and if you had lower area in your memory card,hard-drive,or pen drive you’ll use this trick to compress are available in a huge manner.How To
Compress or Convert 1GBget in 1MB let American state tell you what’s compression once we tend to compress a file or files it merge all the files in one are available in high compression rate therefore it save the memory. all the software’s we tend to install in our laptop, all of them area unit compressed if you ever noticed they have ton of files and jointly furthermemory than the one file setup therefore if you'd wish to merge all files in one file with high compresion thus you would like to follow this post.

How Can You Really Compress 1GB Into 1 MB

How To Compress or Convert 1GB File In 1MB:-
  • First of all you need to download a software to compress files that is KGB Archiver. 
  • So now install it in your computer.
  • Chhose an option to compress files and then click next.
  • Select 'archive type' keep it as KGB and then maximum compression level.
  • Then  you have to select the files or file to compress.

NOTE But there is one drawback of this .if you select maximum it will take more time to compress file just cause it compress file very slowly and with high compression rate.

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Features Of This Software.:-
  • You can make Password protected compressed file
  • It can extract automatically.Means it makes self-extracting archives.
  • Unicode is supported in both User Interface and File Systems
  • It can also support .zip and some other extensions.
  • It supports many languages like English,Arabic,Spanish,Chinese etc.


How Can You Really Compress 1GB Into 1 MB | CuteTrick
Reviewed by KAILASH PALIWAL on Jan 22 2013
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