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Apply Google Ads to Earn Money

Apply Google Ads to Earn Money

Posted by Kailash Paliwal
Chapter 6
After creating your blog website, the next step is to apply for Google adsense program.

What is Google Adsense?
Google displays thier ads in the websites and this ad blocks are called google adsense. You can notice google
ads in many websites, which shows "Ads by Google".

How Google pays you for displaying their ads in yours Blog/websites?
Google has many advertisers and those advertisers are willing to display thier ads in other websites. Google gets advertisement from advertisers and display their ads in other Blog/Websites. If some one visits your blog website and clicks those ads in your Blog/Website, you will be paid by google for each click. Google doesn't reveal how much they pay for each click. The amount depends on advertisers how much they pay for google.

Can i click ads in my website to increase my earnings?
YOU SHOULD NOT Click ads in your Blog/Website. Google tracks all Invalid/Fraud clicks and if they found such activities from your website, Google will ban your acount and all your earnings will be lost.

When will i get the payment from Google?
All your payment related questions are answered in your google adsense account.

How to apply for Google adsense?
Before applying for Google adsense, make sure you have created your blog website with quality content. Google adsense program needs Blog/website to apply.
You can apply for google adsense at .