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Free Call For Smartphone User

Free Call For Smartphone User

Posted by MKTechnical
A CrowdCall is totally new, totally secure way to conference call people from your smartphone.
Toll-free conferencing (up tp 10 calls a day) with people in 40 countries.
Super low cost line charges for the rest of the world - wholesale rates.
No dial in numbers or pin codes to remember. Dead Simple Conferencing.
Secure and private, only those you invite will be able to join the call.
Call anyone on your contact list - they don't need the app to participate.
Great 5 Star Reviews of CrowdCall

How is CrowdCall different from other conference call services?
Unlike most conferencing or group call services, CrowdCall doesn't use dial-in numbers or pins, the host of the group call who has the CrowdCall app simply selects the participants or a favorite group of participants and touches the "Call" button and CrowdCall creates an instant conference, selecting a number to call to begin the conference. Once the host calls the conference number, every other participant is called and the conference begins.

If a person has multiple numbers can I use CrowdCall to call all of their numbers at once?
Yes, simply include all of their numbers in the call - save them in favorites. When you call them, all of their phones will ring and then they can decide which one to answer.

Can I include participants from all around the world for free?
You can call people in the US, Canada and 40 other countries.

Does it cost anything to use CrowdCall?
CrowdCall uses your carrier connection to connect to our servers. If you have your location services (GPS) on, we will connect using a local number and you will only be charged for a local call. Since CrowdCall servers call out to the other participants neither they or you are charged.


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